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calphalon cleaningAs with any investment for your home, Calphalon Cleaning is important to the maintenance of your Calphalon cookware, which is why you will want to know just How to Clean Calphalon Cookware. Cleaning your Calphalon will make sure that it lasts its full lifetime, as proper maintenance is significant. As a specialized material, cleaning is not as straight forward as putting it in the dishwasher and hoping for the best. Certain solvents will also damage the fine finish of you cookware, as can some types of scrubs. In order to prevent damaging the surface of your Calphalon, be it stainless steel or non-stick, you will have to take certain steps. Knowing How to Clean Caplhalon Cookware can keep your Calphalon in top condition, so be sure to learn what steps to take when cleaning Calphalon Cookware.

How To Clean Calphalon

The first thing you will need to know is that you must clean your Calphalon as soon as you finish using it. Cleaning your Calphalon Pans immediately will make sure that the finish does not stain, pit, or tarnish. Though very durable, the Calphalon finish is a very specialized coating and must be preserved in order to remain the quality product that it is. Depending on which piece you were using, the process will vary from here on. Pots and pans are the easiest when it comes to Calphalon Cookware Cleaning. You can begin with a presoak or a simple scrub. A presoak is best done by adding some salt to the water, or baking soda if the stain is particularly tough. The salt, used with a light, non-abrasive scrub pad, will be abrasive enough to remove most of even the toughest sticks, while gentle enough to prevent damage to your finish. In the event that your mess is stuck, you may want to consider adding some water to the pot or pan and bringing it to a low boil. The heat mixed with the general solvency of the water should be enough that your light scrub can remove the caked out grease, food, or other mess with the utmost expediency.

How to Clean Calphalon will differ if you are using such items as Calphalon Griddles, grills, or fryers. Since these products are used to directly cook your food, the mess may be slightly more difficult. Griddles and Grills can be wiped with the non-abrasive scrub pad, using a spray bottle to coat it with the cleaning agent. These products can also be heated in order to facilitate an easier clean. Fryers can prove somewhat more difficult, as grease tends to cake on or stick. Since Calphalon is a non-stick material, grease should remain moderately easy to remove from the fryer. As with any commercial kitchen, you can do a low boil in order to remove grease from the sides of the fryer. In order to protect your investment, Cleaning Calphalon Fryers is best done as soon as you finish cooking and the oil cools. Keep in mind that heated oil, when mixed with water, can cause a violent reaction that is potentially dangerous.

Calphalon Cleaning Products

Should these simple methods not be enough, there are certain products available that are devoted specifically toward Cleaning Calphalon Pots and Pans.

Calphalon Dormond is specially designed to be used on anodized materials, and can provide you with a clean that will return your product to its out of the box sheen. Dormond is relatively inexpensive and easy to use, bringing your Calphalon back to its original luster regardless of what culinary rigors you may have exposed it to.

Calphalon Radiance works the same on copper cookware, as Calphalon Dormond works on hard anodized cookware, awesome. Radiance restores what time and use of your copper pots and pans to a new appearance. A must for any Calphalon chef.

Another alternative that could be considered for Calphalon Cleaning is the product Bar Keepers Friend. Bar Keepers Friend can remove even the toughest of stains from your Calphalon, and restore some of its shine in the process. Dawn Power Dissolver is also a wise choice, as it carries the strength of an oven cleaner, but is almost as gentle as a dish soap. Depending on your mess, any of these alternatives will be more effective than a simple soak.

Tips for Cleaning Calphalon

Remember that when Cleaning Calphalon Cookware, you will need to be gentle yet firm. Applying too much pressure with an abrasive scrub pad can cause damage to the finish. It is the finish that keeps this cookware as powerful as it is. You will have to avoid dishwashers, as they will permanently diminish the quality of your equipment. Stains, be it from water, grease, or anything else you may subject your cookware to, can prevent the Calphalon Nonstick surface from functioning as intended. Once these stains are removed, however, you will have your quality product back to normal. Whether you use Calphalon Cleaner or straight water, you should be able to return your Calphalon to its earlier quality after you learn how to clean Calphalon Cookware Sets properly.

Calphalon Cleaners


calphalon dormond cleaner

Calphalon Dormond - Miracle Calphalon Cleaner for hard anodized surfaces. Restores Calphalon Hard Anodized cookware to a new looking, matte finish. Use this cleaner periodically or whenever your Calphalon Anodized cookware is in need of a face lift.

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calphalon radiance


Calphalon Radiance - Owners of copper Calphalon cookware love Calphalon Radiance for restoring their cookware to a like new appearance. Radiance work great and is perfect for Cleaning Calphalon Copper cookware.

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