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calphalon dormondCalphalon Care is essential to keep your investment at the height of its quality. Maintaining each individual piece is required should you wish to maximize the use of your Calphalon. Keeping every piece of your Calphalon Sets is simple, and starts as soon as you remove it from the box. How to care for Calphalon is a lifelong process, but remains simple enough in order to remain a quick and easy process. Proper cleaning and care will extend the life of each piece, giving all Calphalon cookware a shot at immortality, especially when compared to lesser surfaces such as Teflon.

As soon as you purchase most Calphalon Cookware, you will have to start caring for Calphalon. With your essentials, ranging from cookware to bakeware, and service pieces to kitchen utensils, you will want to wash each piece in warm water. Using a light soap and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, wipe down the the pieces then allow them to dry and cool. Even if your cookware is dishwasher safe, you will want to hand wash each piece before use. Calphalon approved detergents and surfactants are also recommended, though any mild dish soap should suffice.

Calphalon Care Instructions continue with general cleaning. Immediately after each use, every soiled piece should be cleaned. Every piece should, for maximum safety, be cleaned by hand. While many pieces of Calphalon are dishwasher safe, a hand wash will always be safe and more efficient. Spots and stains should come out easy, provided you clean each piece immediately. Calphalon Care will require you to use common sense with your metals. When it comes time to clean these pieces, remember that hot metal introduced to cold water can permanently warp or disfigure your cookware, causing it to lose its shape, coating, or durability. Either heat your water to a safe level or allow the metal to cool prior to cleaning, as this is the safest way to proceed. If you insist on using a dishwasher, make sure your Calphalon cookware sets are dishwasher safe. Being that most sets are safe for the dishwasher, this should not be a problem.

How to Care for Calphalon electrics will differ, but only slightly. Whether it is a griddle, a toaster oven, or a fryer, maintenance will run easy. These products are engineered and calibrated deliver premium service while remaining resistant to ware and tear. As with any electronic you will have to avoid introducing water or other liquids to unprotected heating elements. Each piece of equipment will come with its own specific instructions, located conveniently in the manual and user guide under the Caring for Calphalon section.

The proper maintenance of Calphalon is essential in order to maximize the lifespan and quality of each piece. Calphalon is an innately durable substance, but must be cared for properly in order to make sure that you do not damage the surfacing or lower the quality of the equipment. Protecting such an expensive investment is no different from changing the oil or spark plugs on your car, and can add to the years that your calphalon will remain effective. After leaning how to Care for Calphalon Cookware, you may want to learn how to Clean Calphalon in order to keep your cookware at the top of its game.

Products Approved for Calphalon Care

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Calphalon Radiance - Copper is no longer a pain to clean when using Calphalon Radiance. Radiance makes cleaning copper a breeze, something you wish for out of your other copper cleaners.

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